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Why Sell Your Home to an Investor?

They sell homes right away - a lot of homeowners in the market at the present time would want to sell their houses right away. Maybe they have lost their jobs or they can no longer sustain the house, they are facing foreclosure, or they plan to relocate or maybe it is the rental property and they are not able to find a new tenant, as a result, the homeowner is paying for two mortgages at the same time. At times, people inherit the house and don't want to deal paying for the repairs that needs to be done, and as a result, would prefer to just sell the house. Visit to learn more about Real Estate. A lot of homeowners are seeing that working with a real estate agent is no longer considered as the fast process. In the market these days, houses are just sitting on the market for six months, on an average. And six months is a long time to be waiting when you need to pay for two mortgages. On the other hand, the investors have private funds that they don't acquire from the bank. For this reason, the private funds can be used to purchase the house in a span of 1 week or less.

Flexible offers - the offers of the investors are structured differently for each and every homeowner. The offers are created based on the needs of the sellers. In addition, the homeowner can acquire a lump sum of cash or just accept a monthly cash flow. For more info on Real Estate, click The investors are able to have a wide range of choices in contrast to the real estate agent who will just wait for a buyer to come with a bank funding. The investors are able to do this since they don't have to wait for a bank approval to be funded because they have private funds. In addition, they are mindful of the additional solutions that can meet the needs of the sellers that a lot of homeowners are not aware of.

No repairs required - the investors will purchase houses that a lot of buyers don't want to buy. The investors are eager to purchase homes that have leaking pipes, roof problems, molds, fire damage and other problems. A lot of home buyers would not even want to purchase a home that has any of these conditions. For this reason, having a real estate agent to list your home can take months or even years to sell it. Learn more from

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